BioNike's Shine On
Hair Dye Revolutionizes Color and Safety

In today’s modern society, hair dyeing has become a common practice with people seeking artistic expression, following trends, and embracing individuality. However, the potential risks associated with hair dyeing have raised concerns, particularly among dermatologists like Dr. William, an esteemed cosmetic expert from Italy. During a Facebook livestream, he emphasized the importance of choosing a hair dye that prioritizes hair health.
Hair dye products can be considered one of the most significant and popular categories in the market. Everyone desires beautiful hair color. However, it is crucial to select the right product, as hair dyeing can be one of the most hazardous beauty practices due to its permanent nature and the chemical reactions involved in color fixation.

Dr. William warned that many hair dye products have a high likelihood of allergenic reactions due to their ingredients. Some products may be more likely to irritate the skin during the chemical reaction process than others, although manufacturers rarely disclose such information openly.

Furthermore, traditional hair dye formulas remain largely unchanged for decades, which means repeated exposure to the same color intermediates can lead to contact dermatitis—a condition characterized by skin inflammation caused by repeated contact with potentially harmful substances.

Dr. William explained that contact dermatitis can occur when individuals repeatedly come into contact with potentially hazardous substances, such as regular exposure to the same hair dye and its components. Certain groups of people may be more susceptible to skin reactions from hair dye products compared to other hair care products due to the cumulative exposure to the same ingredients.
In light of these concerns, BioNike has introduced its revolutionary hair dye product, Shine On, which sets itself apart from conventional hair dye products. The Shine On dye eliminates some common ingredients that are crucial for color formation but may pose potential risks to health.

Dr. William emphasized that Shine On does not contain two specific color intermediates: wax-based p-phenylenediamine and naphtholamine. These substances have a higher probability of causing allergenic reactions and are commonly used in hair dyes to develop color.

In addition, Shine On avoids using another color-forming ingredient, 2,5-diaminopyridine, which has been associated with potential hair and scalp irritation. Shine On replaces these components with color alternatives that are equally effective but have a lower allergenic potential.

BioNike’s commitment to providing a safer alternative hair dye led them to invest in excluding these potentially harmful ingredients. The avoidance of ammonia in Shine On sets it apart, although ammonia is still present in many other products on the market. Furthermore, Shine On contains no fragrances, preservatives, gluten, or nickel, making it one of the safest options, especially for individuals with sensitive scalps.

Dr. William highlighted that Shine On is not only safe but also effective, utilizing alternatives to carcinogenic substances to achieve vibrant hair color. Shine On has proven to be of superior quality, minimizing the risk of scalp irritation during the dyeing process.

With Shine On, BioNike introduces a hair dye that prioritizes both color excellence and consumer safety, offering a game-changing solution for those who seek beautiful hair without compromising their skin’s health.

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