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FLEUR’S, a unique floral brand, in tribute to the treasures of nature.

FLEUR’S was founded in 1998.

The origins of FLEUR’S came from the passions of its creator, Brigitte Gédouin: paint and flowers . She is inspired to create her own brand of cosmetics and makeup.

Fleur's Moisturizing Serum with Floral Bouquet

Extremely attentive to the development of its products, Brigitte also claims her different approach to beauty. Combining poetic approach with hedonistic is the constant source of inspiration.

Brigitte first creates a line of makeup with paint for inspiration. The Body and Face care products are distinguished by the originality of their ingredients, which include a selection of rare flowers.

The focus of FLEUR’S Institutes and Spas is the pleasure of its treatment.

Vocationally oriented
Dedicated to beauty professionals, FLEUR’s is distributed exclusively in beauty salons and spas.

Fleur's Gentle Cleaning Water for Eyes and Lips