Company Overview

Xiao Yuan Marketing has been a specialist in the skincare, aesthetics, health and personal care field for more than 35 years.

About Us

Xiao Yuan Marketing Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based brand that specializes in the sales and distribution of European beauty/spa products. With rich experience and a diverse range of top-tier brands, we continuously introduce innovative concepts, services, and in-house brands to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Our business has expanded to the Asia-Pacific region, providing reliable service and consultancy to our clients. We strive to place the customer first, optimizing product quality to meet the unique needs, expectations, and trust of each and every customer.

Aside from products, our expertise extends towards techniques and training as well. Our team of dedicated trainers boast years of experience and credentials and look forward to imparting their skills and techniques to aspiring beauticians and would-be Spa-operators.

We look to bring HEATH, BEAUTY AND CONFIDENCE to the 21st century consumer in a manner of efficacy no one else can.

Company Business Structure:

Overview of Xiaoyuan Holdings and Xiaoyuan Market Sales